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Catherine Namura started the piano when she was 4 years old. She pursued her musical studies at the Conservatoire de Dijon.

Catherine Namura will attend the Format Raisins festival for it's 6th edition this summer ! Her piano recital will be on July 8th.

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She develops, at an early age, thanks to a double instrumental formation, an extensive knowledge of the chamber music, symphonic and lyrical repertoire.

Solo viola and pianist at the Opera of Dijon for several years, she makes herself known through her recitals (Festival Why Note, Mosaïques/Chalon sur Saône, Festival de Piano in La Charité-sur-Loire, Région parisienne…).

In parallel, she is an accompanist on the instrumental and vocal classes at the Conservatoire of Chalon sur Saône, accompanying many brilliant instrumentists and singer candidates through their entrance examinations to get in conservatories (Paris and Lyon mostly).

She participated, with Jean-Michel Lejeune, to the creation of the contemporary music festival Why Note. She is the current President of the Format Raisins festival. Apart from her recitals that cross musical styles and eras, she often plays in sonata with Luigi Vecchioni, a violinist from the Quatuor Manfred.


Catherine Namura will attend the Format Raisins festival on July 8th, for this 6th edition!