For its fourth edition, this Format Raisins from 30 June to 17 July, mainly during weekends, some 70 appointments coming into structured around musical and choreographic creations, continue the colorful picture that this festival stands a dynamic and attractive area.

Fifteen towns of Nièvre and Cher, located on either side of the Loire, the vineyards of the wines of the Centre, will host more than 150 artists, professionals with an international career, artists and amateurs territory. La Charité-sur-Loire, Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire, Pouilly-sur-Loire, Sancerre and Chavignol, Saint-Loup of wood are among the important steps of this festival.

This year, the Mediterranean is honored with the Quatuor Zaide, guitarist John Horreaux, pianists and Aline Piboule Wilhem Latchoumia, composer and jazz musician Mohamed Ali Kammoun, choreographers Thierry Niang and Thieû Emmanuel Eggermont, all voice Musica Nova, singers Helena Fauchère Valerie Filipino, Mireille Le Gouil and Jeanne Crousaud, the violist Ronald Martin Alonso, all Attourath Takht, the visual artist Véronique Verstraete, the Orchestras of Harmony of La Charité and Cosne, the Abou El Hassan singers and Anass Habib, all La Fenice, soloists Thomas Leleu, Ana Carla Maza and Uli Fussenegger, writers and poets Salwa Al Neimi, Maha Ben Abdeladhim, Basher Al Baker, Hazem Al-Azmeh and Patrick Autréaux, composers Alberto Posadas, Saed Haddad, Philippe Forget and Jean-Luc Hervé, actress Marion Bartoccioni François Zabbal ... and many others.

The Arab World Institute and the Qantara review, Coupleux-Lassalle Foundation, Télérama, the Journal of the Centre and RCF are partners in this fourth edition.

Concerts, shows, workshops, storytelling, sound installations, company visits, wine tastings, guided walks in the vineyards and forest Bertranges heritage site visits, educational activities, school concerts, concerts for young audiences around ... artists we are following developments over the years and artists to discover.

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